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Why Use Drip?
Drip systems are an incredibly efficient way to water...the best pop up spray systems out there are only about 60% efficient, most are 50% or below. Drip systems use less water, but get more water right where your plants need it, and can be used with your existing sprinkler system.

In our area drip irrigation is not restricted nearly as heavily as conventional sprinklers in times of drought. At Stage 3 water restrictions we can only water once every other week with a conventional sprinkler system, but we can still run a drip system up to 2 hours a day every day, which is a huge benefit to those of us who don't have time to hand water every night.

Give us a call at (972) 475-5888 Ext. 5 to see if drip irrigation is right for you.

How to Water a Tree
Not certain of the correct or most effective way to water? Are you worried your trees aren't getting enough water? Nathan will show you the best way to keep your trees happy and healthy. You can also learn more by downloading: Tree Care for the First Two Years. (PDF)
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Covington’s 9th Annual Fall Festival - 2016
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Covington’s Ice Bucket Challenge
Covington’s 6th Annual Fall Festival - 2013
Meet Joe and Gayle Covington and the people who are passionate about Landscaping!
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